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WHAT WE DO. Welcome to the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Group for those who are currently residing in the United Kingdom. We are here to support you as a UK-BAME member and to make sure your voice is heard.


Why us…

UK-BAME aims to help people of Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic origin (BAME); Informing, inspiring and empowering through the provision of training in essential skills across a variety of disciplines. whether that may be through direct and or indirect consultations, as well as motivational awards, seminars and forums. UK-BAME aims to significantly improve the chances of promotion and employment at all levels.

Key to our success… be SMART!

There are six key areas that UK-BAME focuses on, and these areas can be improved upon, however, in order to achieve success we have used the SMART; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time sensitive approach.

How can we serve you…

Membership involvement and consultation:

  • Work in partnership with other BAME organisations and affiliated community groups, such as Tropical Mas Association, Dskii Carnival Club, Greenwich Ghana Association, Friends of Barnfield, just to name a few.
  • Conduct membership satisfaction survey to help determine future areas to focus on.
  • Develop a pool of representatives; within flagship and established roles across the UK, delivering UK-BAME objectives.
  • Increase membership across both organisational and non-organisational areas.

Communications and internal processes

  • Improve Network communications.
  • Strategic marketing plan to increase traffic to our website pages.
  • Collaboration with different BAME organisations and managing groups.
  • Ensure sponsors and members are kept abreast of improvements, achievements and changes to our organisation and all its projects.
  • Continually update members with activities and our plans.

 Professional development

  • Work experience initiatives to help members gain practical experience in their desired field of employment.
  • Develop and implement workplace plans to promote avenues of professional development for our members


  • Coaching and mentoring structure; promoting sharing of best practice, skills, knowledge, experience and behaviour among members.
  • Creating a shared calendar activities to celebrate varying cultures.
  • Design and implement workshops, conferences, forums and seminars for BAME members, stakeholders and shareholders for best practices.


  • Challenge issues affecting UK-BAME members.
  • Keep in contact and continuous monitoring of other BAME members.
  • Compile, interpret and disseminate national statistics and employee satisfaction survey results; *Identify trends in recruitment, retention and professional development. *Identify trends in workplace harassment.
  • Explore business cases and develop strategies for a wider UK-BAME Network participation:
  • Work in collaboration with Notting Hill Carnival.
  • Participation in London major events, such the Lord Mayor Show, Woolwich Carnival, etc.
  • Develop plans for Black History Month celebrations.
  • Participation in Diwali London celebration of light.

BAME affiliates and Groups agenda

  • Design and implement annual agendas with BAME members to develop Equality Scheme that fully represents and captures the interest of BAME people in the UK.
  • Deliver master classes, in conjunction with other groups that share similar interests; Work in close partnership with other BAME groups to develop and deliver road show programs across the UK.