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Tropical Mas Association. host various activities and events focused on history, culture and the diversity of arts; street art, performing arts, creative arts, dance, drama, education, career opportunity, social activities and community engagement.

What is Tropical Mas Association (TMA)?

Tropical Mas Association (TMA) is a carnival themed community group, which is made up people from a diverse heritage and cultural background. TMA strength is within its membership and specialist background of being a group of social worker, event’s organizers, teachers, students, parents, musicians, artists, creative designers, seamstresses, tailors, skilled workers, carnival masqueraders and steel pan players, all of whom are committed in promoting the advancement of the arts, culture and heritage within the communities in the United Kingdom; Royal borough of Greenwich, with Woolwich Arsenal being its Home base.

Tropical Mas aims to bringing children, young people, parents, elderly people and families together through events and activities. All events and activities will be achieved through the performance of traditional and cultural storytelling, drumming, dance and the creativity of costumes and Mas camps, amongst other special events and activities.

Tropical Mas Association first project for 2016 will be the launch of its Carnival Youth and Adult Masqueraders band – Tropical Mas band


Tropical Mas represents freedom, the abolition of slavery, one race, one love, freedom of creativity, Showcasing Europeans, African and Caribbean cultures, all together as one. Whilst providing a forum for those from European and Black, Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds to explore their creativity and entrepreneurial skills, linking arts, history, cultures, heritage and diversity towards the future development of the community.

Together as one

Tropical Mas also represent the synergy of the community carnival spirit, a tropical feel good factor, from the musical instruments, colours of the costumes and the food. Tropical Mas form part of the soul of the Community and the engagement and participation projects that are being developed and delivered, from the conceptual ideas to the final performance or performances.

Tropical Mas is a renamed community based organisation that is operated and managed by its membership of children, young people, parents and the elderly people from varying communities within the Royal borough of Greenwich. Tropical Mas is a membership based incorporated company and or corporation, that has natural rights to its business activities, with an appointed executive board that help to shaped and formed governance, rules, policies and operations.