TfL – An employer of choice?

Posted on October 17, 2013 · Posted in Breaking News, Community News

TfL – an employer of choice?

Tyrone Tudor invites you to celebrate Black History Month with him this October and asks whether you agree that TfL has become an employer of choice?

Published 23/08/13 at 15:42 by Guest Blogger

The month of October will quickly be upon us all. This month will hold many wonders as we attend various events within our communities: Black History Month (BHM) for TfL, and the BAME staff network – means a month of engagement and really enjoying each other’s company. It’s a time for celebration and to recognise the legacy our ancestors left.

It’s Tuesday 13 August 2013 and while I’m discussing BAME related issues with Dwayne Smith, our newly appointed BAME chair, we both recall Mike’s June blog which quoted a bit of history. The Victoria line (my line!) was largely built on the efforts of Caribbean, Irish and English men working side by side for London.

Now over 50 years later the line is trail blazing with one of the fastest service frequencies (33 TPH during the peak) in the world and is supported by an even more diverse workforce.

I sometimes think about the things my mother said about the times my father spent at London Transport. She always recalls how different the job is and how much it has changed. She says in her time we would not have seen so many black people in management. To think she says you are a product of your father’s legacy. I smile and think, yes I am just that.

On the subject of legacy, we’ll be celebrating BHM on Friday 18 October 2013, in CR1&CR2, ground floor, Palestra. All TfL employees are welcome to come and join us.

In 2013 we should all be proud that TfL has become an employer of choice, attracting the best talent from all walks of life. This is how I feel, but do you agree?


TfL BAME Communication officer


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