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ABOUT US. Welcome to the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Group for those who are currently residing in the United Kingdom. We are here to support you as a UK-BAME member and to make sure your voice is heard.


Our vision…

Our ultimate vision is to serve and ensure that all BAME members are treated equally and fairly in relation to: race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or beliefs which accurately reflect the diversity within the UK. UK-BAME Network will work closely with other BAME Networks and other Equality & Inclusion (E&I) institutions in order to help promote; leadership, education, equality, diversity and inclusion as best practice. Our vision is open, fair, transparent and equitable.

…are we together as one?

There are several different people, faiths, cultural practices and industries within the United Kingdom. The UK is a fast growing and developing diverse society. This has now highlighted an opportunity for UK Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (UK-BAME) communities to share ideas and support each other on a stable networking platform.

Who support us…

We are supported by like minded people, groups organisations and other controlled institutions. Other high profile figures have now acknowledged and are prepared to support the development of UK-BAME; for example – in equality and inclusion, the race discrimination act, Race for Opportunity, UK-BAME Women and Career for UK-BAME, just to name a few – within the UK.

Who is behind us…

The UK-BAME networking platform was formally established by Dr Daniel Lartey Jnr and Mr Dwayne Smith back in October 2012, during Black history month. However, UK-BAME networking strategy and shared platform concept was first established in 2005 within Transport for London, for its BAME Staff, called TfL-BAME Staff network group, which seems to have work to date. other organisations that have since then support us are; Tropical Mas Association, Greenwich Ghana Association and Dskii Events.


With the fast growing need for information-anytime-anywhere; networking across different platforms, internetworking and transparency, UK-BAME was naturally established on the internet to provide a stable networking sharing point for UK-BAME members.

Please follow, connect and like us on our social networking platforms; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. You can also download UK-BAME information bundle in PDF format along with our guest blogger form. Please click on the icons below for more information…

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