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United Kingdom Black and Minority Ethnic (UK-BAME)  currently operates an online umbrella organisation, supporting BAME people with networking opportunities.… “We aspire to inspire – working together as one”.


The main goal of UK-BAME is to represent the diverse collective interests of the UK’s Black and Minority Ethnic communities who expressed interest or require assistance in developing:

Small Businesses  |  Community Groups  |  Family LifeStyle  |  Career Opportunities

*as well as advice for everyday living…


The UK-BAME recognises and welcomes the diversity of Londoners quintessential trademarks of namely the best city in the world. .


Within the Mayor’s Framework for Equal Life Chances for All, one of the key objectives is to achieve a workforce across the Greater London Authorities groups, which reflects London’s diversity. Part of the UK-BAME wider plan is to ensure fair and equal treatment in relation to: race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs and cultures are supported within BAME communities.


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UK-BAME | UK Black & Minority Ethnic networking opportunities...

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UK-BAME | Supporting people with networking opportunities.

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